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dataTable in 4.x: a4j:repeat or rich:columns

Ilya Shaikovsky Master

Some time ago a few discussion taken place about dynamic columns generation.


We had two options for that:

  • improve a4j:repeat to support such cases
<rich:table ...>
     <a4j:repeat ...>
               <h:output .../>

  • create separate rich:columns component(as in 3.3.x)


<rich:table ...>
<rich:columns ...>



Now we need to return to this topic. And questions list

  • which changes required to a4j:repeat and how will this change this base component functionality?
  • if we will decide to improve the repeat in this way do we be able to use it for others components (dynamic menus, bars and so on)?
  • etc...?


I think we should not go with both approaches but need to decide which one to use.