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    [portlet container] actionURL generated too long because of large render parameter?

    Chen Wang Newbie



      As I mentioned in my earlier posts in this form I'm in the process of developing an in-house portal on top of gatein portlet container. So far I've been very pleased with the container but running some user acceptance tests revealed one particular problem around portlet actionurl generation when there are large render parameter put into ActionResponse in processAction stage. The action url generated by calling RenderResponse.createActionUrl() in doView stage is too long, sometimes the browser/server just complains and refuses to proceed. I had a look at source code (as I always like to do), it seems that render parameters are being serialised as part of navigational state, I wonder if it can be done slightly better? My impression is that current solution relies on client-side url to keep the state which offloads burden on server-side but the length of url is easily out of control; would a session-like solution be more suitable here, say a unqiue id is sent to client instead of actual serialised data?


      My workaround is to put data to be transfered between processAction and doView stages to portlet session instead of as render parameter. It's working but not perfect.