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    How to automate testing?




      I did and web app with seam and richfaces, and now i'd like to make load test (do like if i have 1000 users connected and using the application)


      I'm trying with selenium-IDE for firefox but it's doesn't look like good working.


      I have always an element not found like :



      Is there a better tool to do a load test from a web app using richfaces?


      Ajax don't like work very fine too.

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          Selenium isn't meant to do 1000 user load testing.

          jmeter + jsfunit is better for that


          But if you want to do selenium with RichFaces pages, that does work.


          1. put ids on all your components - this way jid198 wont show up

          2. for ajax, you need to download the following extension http://blogs.nuxeo.com/dev/2009/03/selenium-ajax-requests.html

          3. use java to run the selenium tests on selenium RC (possibly optional)


          I wrote this method in our base junit test class.

          When I want to click something that is an a4j command button I use this.


          protected static HttpCommandProcessor proc;
          protected static DefaultSelenium selenium;


          protected void ajaxClick(String id)
                  proc.doCommand("watchA4jRequests", null);
                  proc.doCommand("waitForA4jRequest", inputParams);



          We use Selenium for testing not for load testing.

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            JMeter does not like interest me.


            I have only 1 page with a lot of ajax rerender and i read for JMeter:


            JMeter does not execute the Javascript found in HTML pages.


            I use rich:datatable with filtres in a dropdown in top of each column and automatic rerender of the datatable


            I have many rich:datatable, one table in each rich:tab (in ajax mode)


            And each row of each table are editable in a modal.


            I'm not sure to be clear but it's a big page with a lot of code and i don't see how to test this page if JMeter don't execute javascript


            The JSFUnit live demo seem to be down, i try it tomorrow.