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    "removeAllMessages" method of the queue mbean is not accessible programmatically via MBean

    Alexander Lengson Newbie

      Hello All,


      There is "removeAllMessages" method in the JMX console for the mbeans from "jboss.messaging.destination" group

      I was trying to invoke it programmatically, but by some reason appropriate mbean does not provide such operation in runtime.


      Giving that reference

      MBeanInfo info

      is the correct reference to the queue bean,


      MBeanOperationInfo[] ops = info.getOperations();

      returns me an array which does not contain operation with name "removeAllMessages".
      It does contain part of the operation from those listed in JMX console, but not all.


      Is that intentional behavior and there is other way to invoke that method? Or is it bug actually?


      JBoss 5.1.0.GA


      Thank you,