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    [Jbpm 3.2.6] - processimage.jpg corrupts in database?




      My Workflow system displays the processimage.jpg to users when they request it via the browser.

      It's quite simple, I use this code: byte[] bytes = processDefinition.getFileDefinition().getBytes("processimage.jpg")


      I then stream it out to the browser or a file or whatever. This has always worked. But recently, this has happened to me twice. The image retrieved by the above method seems corrupt. That is, it won't display in the browser, and if streaming and saving to a file and trying to open the image with a normal image viewer, it is blank, although the file is more or less the correct size (around 100k). When streaming to the browser, instead of displaying the image, it displays a bunch of binary. This is strange because it only occurs with definitions already in the database, ones that haven't changes in months. New ones deployed seem fine. Once this happens, I have to restore the jbpm database from an older backup for it to work again.


      Does anyone have ANY idea what could be causing this? I am using Jbpm 3.2.6, MySQL 5.067, and jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28.