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    Problems with jbpm-console

    Ramses Hernandez Newbie

      Hi, I'm new on jbpm, i can enter on jbpm-console in tomcat but when I select a Process and I want to see the graphical model, I can't, It says "Incomplete deployment" and "No diagram associated whit process", how could I see the process i am working on netbeans and my process works fine, and another question my jbpm-console looks like this:




      and I have seen another view of jbpm-console that looks like this:




      which one is the right jbpm-console and in case where do I get the last?


      Thanks for any answer !!!!

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          Regarding your first question, the error is correct... there probably is no image then... Check the deployments to see if there is.


          The console versions:

          1st is the new jBPM 4 GWT console

          2nd is the old jBPM 3 JSF console

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            Ramses Hernandez Newbie

            Thanks for your answer Ronald, in fact I don't have any image on it, just that i don't know how put the image on the deployment, I think the image that generates the eclipse plugin?.


            I did the jpdl.xml whit eclipse, it generates the xml and one image, then I pass only the xml to netbeans and make the demo project, now I don't know how could I put that image and where.


            Is there any guide, manual or something about the jbpm-console?


            The deployment I did it whit code or how could I do this?


            Thank you so much for your answer.

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              Ronald van Kuijk Master



              You seem like a nice guy, so I will not use STFI or even 'google is your friend', but it realy is very easy to use a searchengine to find answers....




              And use e.g. the first link.....

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                Ramses Hernandez Newbie

                Thanks a lot for the answers Ronald, ok the code for deploy the image is this:


                NewDeplyment deploy = repositoryService.createDeployment().addResourceFromClasspath("example.jpdl.xml");




                Thats all, very easy


                Some times I need a scolding, sorry for my questions and again thanks for the answers.

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                  Robert Weissmann Newbie



                  had the same problems and used this and it worked.


                  At the end of my code I also use




                  to even delete the previous deployment.


                  But when I change the jPDL-File (and accordingly the Image by saving it in Eclipse) and do the deployment again, the old image shows up when I press the diagram-button in the jbpm-console (I started a new process).


                  I checked the DB and it seems as the new image was even deployed (JBPM4_LOB column).


                  Any idea what the problem might be ?


                  Cheers, Rob.