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    How to throw faults for reliable messaging web services (WS-RM)?

    Oliver Xu Newbie


      Hi, I'm currenlty building a reliable messaging (WS-RM) web service. I want to return to the client a soap fault with customized messages when an exception occurs.


      Most of the documents online describe what a fault look like in the soap message but not on how it is implemented. Below is a snippet of what I have so far. I can get the TestFault to return without using reliable messaging, but once RM is turned on, I have no luck of getting the TestFault.


      @WebMethod (action="echoAction")


      public String echo(@WebParam(name="word") String word) throws TestFault{



                String response = "Hello "+word;    

                if (word.equals("fault"))


                throw new TestFault("It worked!");



           return response;




      public class TestFault extends Exception{


           private static final long serialVersionUID = 6118892030155347089L;



           public TestFault(String message) {









      Below is the fault I got when RM is turned on:


      <env:Fault xmlns:env='http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/'>




           <faultstring>RM handler have not serialized WS-RM message to the payload</faultstring>






      Can someone please give me some pointers or code examples on how faults can be thrown properly once WS-RM is enabled? Thanks in advance.