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    jbpm-4.3: Facing login problem

    Anand Kumar Novice



         Can i use other than Jbpm specified schema ?? if yes, How should be my Login Information table and its relationship with the group and membership tables.??

        If not, what should i have to do to use my database schema with jbpm schema??


        I have tried to include jbpm schema tables in my database schema and what to login with my login information table but not with jbpm login table. So i tried to login with it, it works for the first time only and when i want to login it again, it does not login at all and do not specify any error message on the console.


               But when i login with jbpm login information table i am able to login any number of times with out any problem in it.



             So what should i have to modify inorder to login with my login information table ??


      can any one provide me some help on how to proceed further in this problem...


      Thanks in advance


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