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    DeclaredStructure Deployer and Mounting Archives


      JIRA --> https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBDEPLOY-242


      In order for the DeclaredStructure structure deployer to work correctly with archive, the archive must be mounted in order for the META/jboss-structure.xml to be available.  The fix is making the DeclaredStructure extendAbstractVFSArchiveStructureDeployer to ensure the archive is mounted prior to the execution of the determineStructure method.


      This works for a simple case of a JAR or WAR  as a top-level deployment.  Where it becomes an issue is when the top-level deployment is an EAR and it declares its structure.  This works to build the structure, but causes problems down the road as the nested archives are not actually mounted, and it will result in invalid deployments.


      What needs to happen in this case is any top-level deployments that declare their structure, need to ensure the child deployment archives are mounted.


      Haven't had time to work through the details yet, but I will be looking to add some tests to highlight the issue.