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    Handling Time To Live in JbossCache

    Prashanth ga Newbie

      We understand from the Jboss Cache userguide that either the object can be made to be available in the persistent store all the time as a superset because of passivation OR   available in the persistence store only on using eviction along with class loading, passivation.  Also eviction allows us to make the efficient use of memory by configuring timeToLive or maxAge kind of parameters which evict the obejcts and persist to the store while the memory is overloaded.


      This means, the object is always available either from the memory or the persistent store.  But how does the object permanently removed from the cache ( either memory or store). Do we need to have an additional algorithm to clean up the objects from the persistemt stores on some interval of expiry. Is there a way we can avoid this and just be able to achieve with the configurations of Jboss cache ?