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    HotSwap fails on IBM jre/jdk?!

    Edwin Guenthner Newbie

      Hello there,


      I am investigating if javassist hotswap might be used for some debugging work in my project.

      As IBMer I have to avoid the SUN stuff; so its IBM jre/jdk only for me.


      It took me a while to realize that I  have all the things I need - I had to tell eclipse to use

      /usr/lib/j2sdk1.6-ibm/lib/tools.jar ... otherwise the the com.sun stuff was missing.


      OK, so I got that all together and tried to run the HotSwapper hello world example ...

      and ...it doesnt work.


      The little example ... is invoking HelloWorld print() ... then it tells me


      ** reload a logging version


      and sits there and nothing happens.


      Any idea?

      Anyone tried this with IBM jre before?


      And a basic question: in the HelloWorld example ... the HotSwapper object

      is created in the same JVM run that "executes" the class that is going to be exchanged.


      What I am looking for is this:

      a) invoke some JVM in debug mode (this thing comes up and is running and doing a ton of things)

      b) startup a second JVM ... and use HotSwap to exchange classes in the "a) JVM"


      That is possible, right? Its just that the HelloWorld example is simplyfying things?