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    Clustered queue doesn't appear as HA-JNDI in jmx-console's JNDIView.

    Maciej Skorupka Newbie



      I created a clustered queue using destinations-service.xml. JBoss 5.1GA (standard Messaging 1.4.3) is running with MySQL 5.1 for persistence. When using JMX-console's JNDIView (list option), I don't see that queue under HA-JNDI part of that page. It is placed in JNDI section. When I connect to port 1100 using J2SE client, messages are written and wrote without problems. Why is that so? I used WIreshark to see if there's some kind of redirect to standard 1099 port, or something, but the whole communication is over 1100 and 1101 ports.