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    InplaceSelect layout issues

    radu radu Novice

      Hi ,


      I have an inplace select control and next to it an image. I choose this option because control facet as i noticed could be used only in edit state of control, so those images could not apper next to it in view and changed states.


      These is a part of the cod:


         <h:panelGrid cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" styleClass="st" columns="2" columnClasses="in,ar">
                <rich:inplaceSelect id="mySelId" selectWidth="20px;" layout="block" value="test" editEvent="onclick"  />
                      <f:selectItem itemValue="0" itemLabel="This could be a selected value" />
         <h:graphicImage id="myImg" value="#{res.Arrow}" onclick="#{rich:component('mySelId')}.edit()>


      And these is a part of css:


      .st { }
      .st .in { width: 82%; }
      .st .ar { width: 18%; }


      Problem is that values from inplace select are going over image. I attatched a jpg to be more explicit. I tryed to solve this issue by setting a z-index but without succes, also those width attributes seems to be ignored.


      Another issue is that after image was clicked the inplace select is expanding but, the selected value from it does not goes to change state, so nothing happens if i select one item in this case, if i open inpalce select control by clicking on it this does not happend and the behavior is the right one.


      Also selectWidth could be set from css file ?


      Please if you have an ideea about those issues give me a hand.




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          radu radu Novice

          As i noticed , the inplace select renders a div which has a build in style having a default z-index equlas with 1.


          I belive that this attribute could not be overrided using rich faces styles , is there a way to hide that text (please have a look at my attached jpg from previous message) to appears like in a combo box ?


          Any ideeas are welcomed.