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    2 Modal-Dialogs in 2 different Portlets



      i have 2 modal dialogs in two different portlets on the same portal page. The first portlet is a tree-component, with a context-menu. Selecting one item of the context-menu of a folder, will cause a question in a modal dialog.

      The second portlet is a simple rich:panelBar, with a security question of deleting some objects, which is also shown in a modal dialog.

      The second portlet and modal dialog is shown correct, but the first modal dialog only appears, when portlet one is the only one the page or the modal dialog of the second portlet is commented out or the second portlet is minimized.

      After clicking the context-menu-item for showing the modal dialog of the first portlet no <a4j:log ERROR - output is generated, but the following JScript-Error for the second portlet:

      Error: panel is undefined
      Source: http://localhost:8080/por_bpm_web/rfRes2org/richfaces/renderkit/html/scripts/modalPanel.js.xhtml
      Row: 104

      Both portlets are in the "Center-Area" of the portal page. If I arrange the portlets in the other way (first portlet will appear after second one) in the admin portlet the behaviour still occurs but changed from portlet on to two. Now the formerly second portlet (now as first rendered in the portal page), is not showing any modal dialogs and the JScript-Error belongs to the second (formerly the first portlet on page):

      Error: panel is undefined
      Source: http://localhost:8080/por_jcr_web/rfResorg/richfaces/renderkit/html/scripts/modalPanel.js.xhtml
      Row: 108

      Hm ... I don't know what to do next ... help would be appreciated.