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    Table component with row items

    Bruce Randall Newbie

                I continually have issues with all the JSF components in that there is no table component and all the data/grid table components do not have a row item that can be programmed. I continually have requirements for which I need to pragmatically change the background color of rows or change the rendering attribute.


      Has there been any discussion in creating a simple table component by which you can program the attributes of the rows and columns?

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          row look'n'feel could be changed in many ways.. using rowClasses, using styleClass of columns(changing class for all cells in rows).


          in 4.x we plan to introduce rowClass which would allow to bind rowClass to iteration variable (yes, not possible now)


          about rendered for rows - it has very simple solution. Your model just need to be "filtered" and return just the rows which need to be shown. I do not agree that this is UI component responsibility.

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            Bruce Randall Newbie
            Thanks! rowClass is what I am looking for rich:row style="#{row.background}".  The render attributes was a poor example and I switched thoughts on you. I was just  wondering if there was a rich:table with rich:row and rich:columns with full attributes such as rowspan, colspan, styleClass ect...  in the works.