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    Multiple Sub-process instance per Process

    Vineeth Varghese Newbie


      In jbpm we are able to create multiple tasks/activities for which the count of the activities is not aware at design time. The testcase for this is available as part of the wf pattern test(Wfp16MiWithoutAPrioriRuntimeKnowledge.java).

      I want to be able to have multiple sub process for which the sub-process number is available only at runtime. How do we do this in jbpm?. Let me try to give an give a use case to make things clearer:-

      Imagine we are designing a workflow for a land/property appraisal for a bank as part of a mortgage application flow, the main process is concerned about details of the mortgage application and one part of the process is concerned with the property evaluation. The customer should be able to attach more than one property for mortgage. There is a "process" for evaluating the price of a property which I have to model as a sub-process but a new sub-process instance should be triggered for each property and of course only when all the sub-processes are complete should the super-process move ahead.

      How do we acheive this is jbpm?. From the implementation of process state I don't see this possible. I even looked at writing a custom node but the token object only accepts one sub-process. I am thinking in the lines of creating a hierarchy of tokens but not sure this will work. Any ideas how to do this in jbpm?