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    Mylyn 3.x with JBT

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      I'm starting to learn and incorporate Mylyn during my java programming in Eclipse 3.5.x with JBT 3.1.0.GA.


      Does the JBT core dev team use Mylyn and any recommendations on using it with JBT in Eclipse in particular regarding tasks, change sets, and commits to SVN?


      Seems like using JBT (e.g. Seam facelets code assist), Mylyn, and JRebel 3.0 would be a really good productivity boost combination...


      It would be nice to have integration with Maven as well...

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          Max Rydahl Andersen Master

          I know Nick Boldt is a big mylyn fan and I am in principle too but just got bit by a few annoying bugs last time I tried it - but dont let that stop you

          I dont have any particular recommendations on using Mylyn beyond what is on the homepage of Mylyn it self.

          With respective to JBT and Mylyn then I know we could implement some mylyn specific hooks to make some of our views

          more mylyn "aware" and I would like to see that happen in the next round (targeting Eclipse 3.6) where I also plan on

          actually trying to use it more again.