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    How to add a new protected page under the default portal

    Tong Su Novice

      I am having trouble adding a new page to the default portal. I am using portal 2.72 with Jboss 4.2.3


      My goal is very simple: I have a new role, say myRole1, and wanted to add a page just visible to users in myRole1 under the default portal.

      Here are the steps  :

      1. create myrole1 and myrole2

      2. go to admin tab, click on the security link for the default portal. Change permission from 'view recursive' for 'role unchecked' to 'view' for 'myRole1', 'myRole2' and 'admin'.

      3. click on the default portal link to drill down, add a new page under it and then click on the seurity link for the page and select 'view recursive' for 'myRole1'


      The first problem i faced after logging back in as any user is that even the default portal was not accessible to me anymore.

      So i had to change the security at the default portal level from 'View' to 'view recursive' for admin myRole1 and myRole2. But this is different from when i read in page 186 in the reference guide http://docs.jboss.com/jbportal/v2.7.1/referenceGuide/pdf/Reference_Guide_en-US.pdf


      Now i am able to get into the default portal after logging in as myRole1 or myRole2. But the problem is the page is visible to user in both roles. Don't know what I missing in setting up the security.


      Please Help!