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    task notification using custom mail producer

    Martin Pradny Newbie



      I need to add some info from an external system in new task notification. I think the right way to do this is using custom mail producer, but I couldn't find any info how to do this. Even when I checked the source code . In jPDL parser there are some attemps to check for bindings, but class attribute in <notification> tag is not allowed in XSD.


      JPDLParser contains:

      public MailProducer parseMailProducer(Element element, Parse parse, String defaultTemplateName) {
          // check whether the element is a generic object descriptor
          if (ObjectBinding.isObjectDescriptor(element)) {
            // TODO test custom mail producer
            ObjectDescriptor objectDescriptor = parseObjectDescriptor(element, parse);
            return (MailProducer) WireContext.create(objectDescriptor);


          // parse the default producer
          MailProducerImpl mailProducer = new MailProducerImpl();
          mailProducer.setTemplate(parseMailTemplate(element, parse, defaultTemplateName));
          return mailProducer;


      Could anyone point me in right direction?


      Thank you,