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    AssignmentHandler question OR task assign question

    jimmy jimmy Newbie

      Achieve AssignmentHandler interface to specify the address of my task, or group of people




      If the business table there are groups - "the concept of people




      My question is: How do these two elements in the re-AssignmentHandler associate?




      So that the level of relations between groups and were reflected in the AssignmentHandler, the actual business is also required by ah




      If you specify a task the group, then the people who belong to this group should be able to see. Do not know if the two linked.




      For example this:




      The teacher group" a user Zhang, Wang, Zhao three men.




      I task the candidate group set "the teacher group"




      Other data How do I assignment can be achieved:




      task of the candidate is Zhang, Wang, Zhao three.




      Is the relationship between groups and persons using the AssignmentHandler what way associated with, the




      I played assignment to a group, this group can be found on the next task for all purposes.