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    Gmap in tabPanel not working




      I have a tabPanel with two tabs, and want to use the gmap component on the second tab.


      So far I had no success:

      • If I use switchStyle "ajax", loading the second tab does not work at all (very bad because I need to use ajax in this tabpanel)
      • If I use switchStyle "client", the tab loads but the map is misplaced, seems to be some positioning problem.


      I use the Richfaces Skin "plain", if that matters anyhow.


      Here is my pretty simple test snippet:



         <rich:tabPanel switchType="client" width="400px" height="400px">
              <rich:tab label="1">abc</rich:tab>
              <rich:tab label="2"><rich:gmap height="300px" width="300px" /></rich:tab>            


      Thanks in advance for a good solution