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    Resteasy + Seam = 403 Forbidden, any idea why?

    Magic Creative Novice

      I have already have the discussion going on the Resteasy mailing list but I would like to ask here as well if someone had experience with this Resteasy and Seam problem.

      Basically I have made my own test project based on the tasks example. At first I am trying a very simple Restful service. Only two GET methods, one returns a String representation of an email and the other Email object - (plain/text) / (application/xml) headers respectively.

      Now I made a simple client as well which makes request to GET - (plain/txt). It works as expected and I get the String representation of the Email.

      When I try the same with GET - (application/xml) I am getting 403 - Forbidden response.

      I have been debugging for a day now and I get a feeling the problem lies on the Seam security side because the Resteasy would have returned 401 - Not Authorized.

      Did anyone have similar problem? Any help would be appreciated.