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      • 30. Re: To scope or not to scope (domain.xml)

        Brian Stansberry wrote:


        Emanuel Muckenhuber wrote:


        One thing which would be interesting to look at is how much configuration can actually be shared between a DataGrid and JEE server-group.


        Probably not a lot; just the info (e.g. URLs or some info needed for discovery) needed for the JEE servers to contact the data grid. For that particular example, it is just aggregation.


        I like your way of thinking about this for when we discuss in Westford. We need a use case for why heterogeneous servers need to be in the same domain as opposed to in an aggregate view.


        The use case is simplifying the number of policies you have to manage in an organization. This is similar to the domain notion in other management tools (say for example windows management).


        It's also helpful if we want to define mutiple clusters for versioned rolling deployment

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