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    Time taken for messages to failover in a cluster

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      I am new to JMS and have to deal with a very advanced issue because of some reasons. Would be thankful for any pointers as the available documentation on JBoss JMS clustering is very diifcult to understand.


      I am running JBoss 5.1 GA. I will have a cluster of two nodes. I want to have a (one) distributed JMS queue. There will be MDBs running on both the nodes reading from the single distributed queue. The documentation suggests that on each node the distributed queue will be partial. With this background I have the following questions


      1. Does this means that a message inserted into the queue will be visible to the MDB on one node only ?
      2. If one of the node fails (say hardware crash) then will the messages on the failed node will become available on the partial queue on the working node ? If yes then how long will it take ?


      Thanks a lot,

      Any tips pointers are greatly appreciated.