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    Error when adding JBoss EJB Libraries to project?

    Kip Moore Newbie

      I'm having trouble adding JBoss EJB 3 libraries to an existing project.


      I have downloaded a fresh version of Eclipse 3.5.2, and successfully used the built in "Install" wizard to download and install JBossTools 3.1.0GA.  For the sake of troubleshooting, I have created a brand-new Java Project in the IDE.  I have also sucessfully created three different Servers, one each for installations of JBoss 4.2.2, JBoss 5.1, and JBoss 6.0M2 that I am currently working with.


      So I go ahead and enter the project Properties, select "Java Build Path", and then go to the "Libraries" tab.  I click on the "Add Library..." button, select "JBoss EJB3 Libraries", then "Next...", select any one of the declared Servers, and hit "Finish", which brings up the following error:


      "The selected configuration <JBoss server> does not contain the expected EJB3 libraries.  Please install JBoss with EJB3 enabled, or try another configuration."


      I get this error regardless of which server I have selected.  Using an existing EJB3 project, I have also verified that EJB3 is indeed installed and working properly across all 3 servers.  As near as I can figure out from looking at some of the JBoss Tools code, I have all the right libraries in all the right places, so I'm not sure exactly what is going wrong here.  I don't think I'm doing anything wrong here...  How can/should I do this properly?