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    How to holding Entity Query search values when returning to page

    Busssard Buss Newbie

      Hello All,


      I created a new CRUD project using JBoss Tools. It runs very well. But one thing don't work as I expected: When returning from a xxxEdit the xxxList has its search param cleared and the list returns to the first page.


      I looked in many foruns but without a direct response.


      So this is what I have:


      The xxxList with a rich:dataTable and the action colum


      <rich:column styleClass="action">
                  <f:facet name="header">Ação</f:facet>
                  <s:link view="/MetasNivelamento/#{empty from ? 'Comarcas' : from}.xhtml"
                         value="#{empty from ? 'Lançar Dados' : 'Selecionar'}"
                   propagation="#{empty from ? 'none' : 'default'}"
                      <f:param name="comarcasId"


      The xxxEdit with the follwing returning buttom


      <s:button view="/MetasNivelamento/#{empty comarcasFrom ? 'ComarcasList' : comarcasFrom}.xhtml"


      And here is my extend to EntityQuery



      public class ComarcasList extends EntityQuery<Comarcas> {
          private static final String EJBQL = "select comarcas from Comarcas comarcas";
          private static final String[] RESTRICTIONS = {
                  "lower(comarcas.polo) like lower(concat(#{comarcasList.comarcas.polo},'%'))",
                  "lower(comarcas.regiaoJudiciaria) like lower(concat(#{comarcasList.comarcas.regiaoJudiciaria},'%'))",
                  "lower(comarcas.entrancia) like lower(concat(#{comarcasList.comarcas.entrancia},'%'))",
                  "lower(translate(comarcas.comarca,'âàãáÁÂÀÃéêÉÊíÍóôõÓÔÕüúÜÚÇç','AAAAAAAAEEEEIIOOOOOOUUUUCC')) like lower(concat(translate(#{comarcasList.comarcas.comarca},'âàãáÁÂÀÃéêÉÊíÍóôõÓÔÕüúÜÚÇç','AAAAAAAAEEEEIIOOOOOOUUUUCC'),'%'))",
                  "lower(translate(comarcas.varaComum,'âàãáÁÂÀÃéêÉÊíÍóôõÓÔÕüúÜÚÇç','AAAAAAAAEEEEIIOOOOOOUUUUCC')) like lower(concat('%',translate(#{comarcasList.comarcas.varaComum},'âàãáÁÂÀÃéêÉÊíÍóôõÓÔÕüúÜÚÇç','AAAAAAAAEEEEIIOOOOOOUUUUCC'),'%'))",
                  "lower(comarcas.competencia) like lower(concat(#{comarcasList.comarcas.competencia},'%'))", };
          private Comarcas comarcas = new Comarcas();
          public ComarcasList() {
          public Comarcas getComarcas() {
              return comarcas;


      If I use the browser's back buttom (or a equivalent Ajax function ) it work as expected.


      Anybody has a solution ?