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    Status and roadmap for JBoss Wiki

    Michael Holakovsky Newbie

      My company is looking for a wiki which can be integrated into a portal. By luck we are already using jboss portal 2.7.

      I'm just wondering about the status of JBoss Wiki. As I understand you developed a portlet which integrates a JSPWiki and use it at jboss.org. The development in Jira is rather old (last update is Feb 2008), binaries are only available for Portal 2.6 and status still beta2.

      My question is about the future of this project.
      - Can/Should we use the actual version of jboss wiki or start in the meanwhile with a plain jspwiki installation.
      - Has someone an indea when it will get Release 1.0?
      - Is there a migration afterwards possible?
      - I assume you changed something in the jspwiki code to integrate it in the portal, like tagging, administration etc. Is there somewhere a list what is different to a plain jspwiki installation?
      - Installation procedure for wiki in Portal 2.7