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      • 15. Re: CXF jms integration

        Jim Ma wrote:


        Sorry , I may do not explain this problem well . We now create SPI endpoint from ServletMetaData in web.xml . How to distinguish the jms tranport endpoint and create jms endpoint/MD from the user provided jbossws-cxf.xml

        You can start separate jbossws-dev forum thread for that. But I'd think about it like How CXF does it?


        Jim Ma wrote:


        AFAIK, the hornetq deployers create BeanMetaData for queue/topic deployment descriptor

        and KernalDeploymentDeployer will start/stop these BeanMetaData represents queue/topic created by hornetq deployers.

        I understood your suggestion : use deployer input to put the JMS DA after the deployer deployed jms destination.  In AS5 , we should put JMSDA after the last real stage deployer ServiceDeployer . AS6, we put JMSDA after KernalDeploymentDeployer. IOW, we do not rely on AS deployer frameworks' deployment dependency mechinism , we rely on the deployer order to resolve the deployment dependency. If this is acceptable and if you do not see any other problems , I will follow your suggestion (as your pseudocode shows) to rewrite .

        I don't see the conflict here with the suggestions I provided you. Deployers ordering is working properly these days.

        But as discussed on IRC, forget about AS 5 integration. Just go forward with AS 6

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