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    Self referencing Session Bean

    Volker Raum Newbie

      in our JEE App (JEE5) we got several Session Beans (Stateless). Some SBs need others. Every SB got a @Stateless (name=...) Annotation.
      Every SB uses JNDI Lookup to get References to the others SBs.
      Therefore a @EJB Annotation is placed for the SB Class to indicate the need for other SBs.

      Example SB1 needs to access methods of SB2.

      @Stateless (name="SB1")
      @EJB( name = "SB2", beanInterface = SB2.class)
      class SB1
      JNDIlookup("java:comp/env/SB2") ;

      @Stateless (name="SB2")
      class SB2

      Everything works fine here. No problem.
      Now SB1 needs to call a method from itself, but not via simple method call but also via a JNDI-lookup-up instance, to be able to have a different transactiontype
      Question #1 is: does SB1 need a @EJB Annotation to itself?

      If Answer is yes there is the second question:
      Question #2: How is the @EJB Ref specified.

      I tried:

      @Stateless (name="SB1")
      @EJB( name = "SB1", beanInterface = SB1.class)
      class SB1
      JNDIlookup("java:comp/env/SB1") ;

      Already in the deployment phase JBoss complains (Name SB1 => CMManagement):

      Deployment "jboss.j2ee:ear=EJB30Reference.ear,jar=sb.jar,name=CMManagement,service=EJB3" is missing the following dependencies:
      Dependency "<UNKNOWN jboss.j2ee:ear=EJB30Reference.ear,jar=sb.jar,name=CMManagement,service=EJB3>" (should be in state "Described", but is actually in state "** UNRESOLVED Demands 'jndi:EJB30Refer
      ence/CMManagement/remote-de.heitec.ejb3.cm.model.sb.CMManagement' **")
      Deployment "jboss.j2ee:ear=EJB30Reference.ear,jar=sb.jar,name=CMManagement,service=EJB3_endpoint" is missing the following dependencies:
      Dependency "jboss.j2ee:ear=EJB30Reference.ear,jar=sb.jar,name=CMManagement,service=EJB3" (should be in state "Configured", but is actually in state "PreInstall")

      Deployment "<UNKNOWN jboss.j2ee:ear=EJB30Reference.ear,jar=sb.jar,name=CMManagement,service=EJB3>" is in error due to the following reason(s): ** UNRESOLVED Demands 'jndi:EJB30Reference/CMManagement
      /remote-de.heitec.ejb3.cm.model.sb.CMManagement' **

      If i introduce mappedName in the @Stateless and the @EJB everything works, but i do not want to use mappedName if not really necessary.

      Any Ideas what the "correct" way is for a SB to reference itself?