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    Integration Tests

    Andrew Rubinger Master

      As we near the Alpha2 release, I think we first need to put a hard lock on all development until we've got good indication of our current state.


      We're currently relying upon the examples as our integration testsuite.  This becomes problematic for a few reasons:


      1. The examples require an active profile to determine the target container, and are ignored by default.  This needs to be resolved by Choosing your Container.  Effectively we've lost coverage, and as a result no commits are validated.
      2. Tests should to certify implementations at the correct level.  Container integration code lives in the "containers" modules, so we should be testing there.
      3. The examples are really to showcase usage, not to test anything directly.


      As a testing framework, we've gotta be a good community citizen and let our development reflect the same principles we advise to our users.