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paint2d refresh in IE

Ioana Iacob Newbie



   I'm going out of my mind trying to figure this out. I'm using a captcha image generated with paint2d and (only) in IE, it does not get refreshed (the paint method is called, the rerendering does not work, I guess). Here's the sample:




<a4j:form id="registerForm" rendered="#{!Bean.registered}">
   <rich:paint2D id="captcha" width="75" height="25" cacheable="false" 
                 data="#{PaintData}" format="gif" paint="#{Bean.paint}" /><a4j:htmlCommandLink action="#{Bean.actionRegister}" reRender="registerForm:captcha">
     <h:graphicImage value="/images/buttons/btSave.png"   title="#{pageMessages.enterButtonLabel}" />


PaintData is request scoped and Bean is sesison scoped.

Richfaces version :  3.3.2.SR1