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    EAR deployment as compressed archives results in invalid jars

    Gonne Martens Novice



      I am using JBoss Tools 3.1 with JBossAS 6.0 M3. I have tried to deploy an ear (seam project) with the deployment option "Deploy projects as compressed archives". The result was an ear which contained some invalid jars: the content of these jars was not at the root level but inside a direcotry named as the jar. It seems that all jars are affected that were determined as module jars: e.g. jboss-seam.jar as ejb-module, mvel2.jar as client module because the manifest contains a "Main-class" entry.

      I have not found an issue for that so far, so I would create one with an example.


      Besides that, it looks like all archives of the resulting ear are being compressed even the jars. My expectation was only an unexploded ear containing untouched third-party jars.


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