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    how to trace when we enter and go out of a node

    Manuel PAYET Newbie

      Hi, I'd like to be able to log/trace every node in which I entered and went out, is this possible?

      It seems that in jbpm3, we could add

      <service name="logging" factory="...event.BamLoggingServiceFactory" />
      (found at http://www.bpm-guide.de/2008/12/06/easily-generate-bam-events-wih-jbpm/)

      But in jbpm4, i can't find any information about what you can and what you cannot put in the jbpm.cfg.xml.
      So, I have two questions:

      -Is there a place on the internet where i can find detailed informations about jbpm.cfg.xml for jbpm4, or a xsd for this one?
      -Is it possible to a service like this in the jbpm4 configuration file? If possible, from which class do I have to inherit?