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    Error sending email in jbpm-4.2

    carlos mauricio jaramillo henao Newbie



      Currently I have a  problem, what happens is that I want to notify a user by e-mail that  has a task. I searched lot on the web but I can not  find the problem. I'm using jbpm-4.2 with  apache-tomcat-6.0


      Example process


        <start g="13,13,48,48" name="inicio">
              <transition to="enviar"/>


        <mail g="274,755,86,40" name="enviar">
              <to addresses="carlosj@audifarma.com.co"/>
              <cc addresses="cmjhingeniero@yahoo.es"/>
              <transition to="despacho caf"/>
         <task candidate-groups="caf" form="com/procesos/interfaces/nCaf.jsp" g="352,695,92,52" name="despacho caf">
                  <to addresses="carlosj@audifarma.com.co"/>
                  <cc addresses="cmjhingeniero@yahoo.es"/>
                  <subject>Prueba 2</subject>
                  <text>Prueba 2</text>
              <transition to="fin"/>


      <end g="1082,228,48,48" name="fin"/>


      Archive jbpm.cfg.xml



        <import resource="jbpm.default.cfg.xml" />
        <import resource="jbpm.businesscalendar.cfg.xml" />
        <import resource="jbpm.tx.hibernate.cfg.xml" />
        <import resource="jbpm.jpdl.cfg.xml" />
        <import resource="jbpm.identity.cfg.xml" />
        <import resource="jbpm.jobexecutor.cfg.xml" />
        <import resource="jbpm.mail.templates.examples.xml" />
        <string name='resource.mail.properties' value='jbpm.mail.properties' />


      Archive jbpm.mail.properties


      mail.smtp.port 25
      mail.from carlosj@audifarma.com.co


      Help me  not to review. Annex the error in the tomcat log