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    Reload portlet when developing with JBoss Tools

    Bogdan Sulima Newbie

      Hi All,


      i am developing JSR 286 portlet using JBoss Tools (Eclipse 3.5.2, JBoss Portal + JBoss AS bundle 2.7.2, Mac OS).


      If i change portlet class or other resources and publish portlet project to the portal from eclipse, portlet is not updated and not reloaded.

      Server is configured to publish changes automatically and eclipse shows some publishing progress, but from log file it is clear that no publishing actually happens.


      I always have to perform Server > Clean... in order to preview changes on the portal and this takes time and additional clicks.


      How can i setup automatic re-publishing?


      P.S.: deploying portlet as part or EAR does not help either no reloading happens.


      Best regards,