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    Why cannot use slash(/) in activity name


      Hi guys,


      It is totally weird, that jPDL didn't allow using slash(/) in activity name.  I searched though XML specification and there is no limitation for this.  And, there is no such limitation for transition name, only for activity name.


      Now our customer's process need put a slash(/) in an activity name,  I went to do some demostration, Every designing stuff are all right. Then when I try to deploy the process, it tell me the process is invalid.  It is horrible.


      So I really want to know, is there any reason that we shouldn't use slash(/) in activity name?  Because if this rule is not necessary, I didn't want to tell our customers that they must change their process to remove all of slash(/).


      Here is the validation in JpdlBinding.java

      public void parseName(Element element, ActivityImpl activity, Parse parse) {
          String name = XmlUtil.attribute(element, "name", isNameRequired(), parse);
          if (name!=null) {
            // basic name validation
            if ("".equals(name)) {
              parse.addProblem(XmlUtil.errorMessageAttribute(element, "name", name, "is empty"), element);
            } else if (name.indexOf('/')!=-1) {
              parse.addProblem(XmlUtil.errorMessageAttribute(element, "name", name, "contains slash (/)"), element);