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    Jbpm Console Server On Weblogic 9.2


      I have solved this issue and deployed jBPM successfully on weblogic.

      For more details visit following wiki link.




      Can you please help me to setup the jBPM gwt console server war on Weblogi  9.2?


      I am getting following error.


      java.lang.IllegalStateException:  Neither JMX config nor '-Dcatalina.home' available to resolve  serverDataDir
           at  org.jboss.bpm.report.ReportFacade.resolveDataDir(ReportFacade.java:142)
           at  org.jboss.bpm.report.ReportFacade.initBirtService(ReportFacade.java:86)
           at  org.jboss.bpm.report.ReportFacade.<init>(ReportFacade.java:71)
           at  org.jboss.bpm.console.server.ConsoleServerApplication.<init>(ConsoleServerApplication.java:48)
           at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance0(Native  Method)



      This is because in the class ReportFacade the system property is read as "catalina.home" . The JMX cod reads the jboss specific Mbean.


      I tried to set the eneviornment variable setting but it did not work


      Is there any other way to deploy it on Weblogic 9.2?