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    JBOSS and SOA



      I am new in JBOSS Community and also new in using JBOSS software.

      This is also the reason I have some beginner's question regarding JBOSS and the use of JBOSS tools.


      In my company we are starting a big SOA project and as a project manager and SOA architect I have

      the opportunity to start using opensource software to cover all activities that need to be done in an SOA project,

      starting from the modeling of business processes, BPM, the use of business rules, till the implementation of services

      and orchestration of services in the business process.


      My question is very simple and direct.

      Is JBOSS software for SOA and BPM development free? If not, which part/tools are not free and what are the costs

      for an development organization and for the specific client in using JBOSS software.


      Thank you for any answer.



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          Is there anyone who knows how JBOSS SOA tools are licenced?



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            All of the tools are free to download and use; most (all?) are licensed under LGPL. You can also get a support contract (which costs $$$s); highly recommended when you go to production. Without the support contract the most you can hope for is getting answers to problems wihtin the forum.

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              Thank you Peter for your reply


              But are you sure that the tools are free? I get also an information that a typical deployment would start at €100k

              depending on the configuration  required.


              Do you have any experience or best practice with JBOSS tools?



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                Exactly what "tools" are you talking about?


                JBoss Tools is free. So is JBoss AS. And JBoss ESB. The same with all the other bits an pieces needed to build a SOA solution. All of these are known as the "community" products.


                On the other hand, if you want to purchase support from Red Hat (or a Red Hat partner), you will have access to things such as JBoss EAP (http://www.jboss.com/products/platforms/application/),  JBoss Developer Studio (http://www.jboss.com/products/devstudio/) and  JBoss ESP (http://www.jboss.com/products/platforms/soa/). Those packages are combinations of various of the open source (and free) products that have been extensively integration tested, are periodically patched, and at times have proprietary components also thrown in. These are the "enterprise" products.


                So as I said, the choice is yours. If you feel comfortable doing your own suppoort and patching, are willing to do you own debugging with perhaps some help form the forum, then use the community versions. If you do not fell comfortable with doing that, then pay for support and get the enterprise packages. Personally, if you need the SOA platform to generate income for your business, I would highly recommend purchasing support.

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                  Peter, thank you for the explanation.

                  I have also been contacted by the local Red Hat agent.


                  Thank you.