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    PicketBox in JBoss AS 5.1


      Sergey asked:



      Hi Anil

      We're seeing JBossWS/CXF tests relying on PicketBox failing in JBoss 5.1 [1], due to one of
      PicketBox classes missing (please see the raw console output).

      I thought, according to [2], that PicketBox dependencies are available there. I've downloaded
      JBossAS 5.1 but I could not find picketbox-bare.jar. Can you please explain, is PicketBox actually
      supported in JBoss 5.0 ?

      thanks, Sergey

      [1] http://jbossws.jboss.org:8180/hudson/job/CXF-CORE-AS-5.0.1-SUN-JDK-6/lastBuild/testReport/
      [2] https://community.jboss.org/wiki/PicketBoxAuthentication
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          PicketBox libraries are not included in AS 5.x.  Only the security-spi.jar and jbosssx.jar come shipped.  There is no picketbox.jar


          So you have two options:

          1. Bring in the PicketBox dependencies to replace the 2 jars in AS 5.1
          2. Have an attribute called securityManagement (that will inject an ISecurityManagement instance via the MC).  From the ISecurityManagement interface, you can get hold of the AuthenticationManager, AuthorizationManager etc interfaces


          Remember, in JBAS, you do not need to explicitly load any configuration. You can always rely on the security domain configuration provided by the AS.