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    EJB 3 clustering error



      I am trying to create  clustered EJBs in a clustered jboss environment based on a load balancing requirement in our project.


      with some references on internet

      I tried


      and also

      @Clustered(loadBalancePolicy = org.jboss.ha.framework.interfaces.RoundRobin.class)


      annotations in my SLSB EJB 3.0 bean class.


      But I am getting



      java.lang.annotation.AnnotationFormatError: Invalid default: public abstract java.lang.Class org.jboss.annotation.ejb.Clustered.loadBalancePolicy()
      at java.lang.reflect.Method.getDefaultValue(Method.java:726)
      at sun.reflect.annotation.AnnotationType.<init>(AnnotationType.java:99)





      Am i missing anything, please suggest if i need to do something else. any references will help.


      thanks in advance, harinath

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          Hello Harinath


          Are you starting the JBOSS server with a "clustered" configuration? ie the "all" configuration ?


          What version of JBOSS are you using ?


          Have you tried @Clustered(loadBalancePolicy="RoundRobin") ? (Note the quotes and String type instead of class)



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            Hi Mark,


            Jboss version is 4.2.3.


            Jboss cluster: Actually Jboss is more customized in our product and i think yes. but not sure if i am missing any configuration. we actually have custom configuration for the product (instead of "all").


            yes, I tried. (giving string value is throwing compilation error).


            @Clustered(loadBalancePolicy = RoundRobin.class)


            any suggestions to explore more on this?


            Thanks for responding to my query.



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              when a @Clustered EJB deployed in a non clustered profile, this error occurs. you can try it in the all profile, if it works, you need to customize the all profile from scratch.

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                I had that error before and that was the cause.

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                  jboss q wrote:


                  when a @Clustered EJB deployed in a non clustered profile, this error occurs.


                  Is that the case with AS-5.x and later too? I would have expected it to ignore that annotation if the profile doesn't support clustering.

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                    Yes, after adding the jboss cluster service xml into deploy folder and adding jbossha.jar to lib folder, this error has disappeared.

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                      And now the client complains with the "Caught: java.lang.RuntimeException: cluster invocation failed" error.


                      D:\projects\groovy>groovy hello.groovy
                      Caught: java.lang.RuntimeException: cluster invocation failed, last exception was:
                              at hello.run(hello.groovy:68)


                      Any thoughts?


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                        My bad, server bind address was that caused that error.


                        Its working finally. I see load being balanced to multiple servers in round robin fashion.


                        Thanks, Harinath