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    Trying a very simple WebService



      I am using Jax-ws to make a stateless session bean a web service!

      Before I connect my client, I'd like to open my browser and have a look at the wsdl.


      I am deploying this way.

      1. IDE builds jars file:  TitanEJBProject

      2. IDE puts this jar file in jboss\server\default\deploy

      3. My WebService is:


      public class TravelAgentWSBean implements TravelAgentRemote {
          public String makeReservation(int cruiseId, int cabinId, int customerId, double price) {
              System.out.println(">> makeReservation()");
              return "reserved";




      I open up  a browser and go to:


      http://localhost:8080/TitanEJBProject?TravelAgentWSBean and get a 404

      then I see if anything is at:



      Also a 404 :-(


      Any ideas of help appreciated.