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    rich:dataTable rich:datascroller ExtendedDataModel

      Can someone explain to me why the walk() method in the ExtendedDataModel is called 4 times after the datascroller is clicked. I am using the code straight from the richface demo (pretty much) except I've implemented my own DataProvider.

      On the first page load the walk() method is called once with firstRow = 0 and numberofRows = 10. If page 2 is clicked on the datascroller, then walk() method is called as follows:

      12:34:39,511 INFO [BaseEDM] [http-] walk(0,10)
      12:34:41,665 INFO [BaseEDM] [http-] walk(0,10)
      12:34:43,624 INFO [BaseEDM] [http-] walk(0,10)
      12:34:45,581 INFO [BaseEDM] [http-] getRowCount()
      12:34:45,584 INFO [BaseEDM] [http-] getRowCount()
      12:34:45,595 INFO [BaseEDM] [http-] walk(10,10)

      Why the first 3 times with firstRow = 0 and numberOfRows = 10 when the datatable should be pulling only the 10,10?