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    jBPM 4.3 on Websphere 6.1?




      Can someone let me know the steps to install jBPM 4.3 on Websphere 6.1.


      What API's I should use for generating KPIs and to monitor/manage process instances.


      Thanks in advance,


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          Firstly, you could try to search this forum for websphere related posts, if you haven't done that yet.


          Everything depends on how do you want to run jbpm.


          In case there is not straight answer already I would try to build an ear that contains:

               - all libraries that are delivered with jBPM distribution and configure class path of the ear

               - put both jbpm-console and gwt-console-server web applications into the ear


          and try to deploy it to WAS. I know this is not a complete guide but I would say that it is a start point.


          For sure there will be some issues with authentication since BPM console requires login module to be configured.

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            Thanks Maciej, I will try it this way. Will publish the steps if I am able to configure jBPM 4.3 with Websphere successfully.




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              While building war files for both console UI/Server, I am not able to find any file like jbpm.cfg.xml or jbpm.hibernate.cfg.xml. I want to configure this installation to use Oracle as DB.


              Any idea, what should I be doing?



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                You can create a base web project using the ant script comes with jBPM, checkout this link http://docs.jboss.com/jbpm/v4/userguide/html_single/#installscripts. These cofigurations(jbpm.cfg.xml or jbpm.hibernate.cfg.xml) uses a bunch of other files which are part of jbpm.jar.


                btw, are you planning to use jBPM with Spring?

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                  Yes Lalit, I will be using jBPM with Spring.


                  When you say base web project, do you mean that I should create a normal web project with jbpm.jar and other configuration files in that and deploy it on websphere rather than installing jBPM consoles??



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                    Yes. Thats is common usage pattern of jBPM where your application will use jBPM api's same as Hibernate or any other services.


                    One more suggestion If you have freedom of using Spring version, go for 3.0.3 with jBPM 4.3. Though there are some known problems but you will find lots of help on web (undoubtably a lot on this forum). Also I hope Oracle version is 10g+.


                    All the best!