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    Calling a Spring bean inside the JPDL

    Soheil Dowlatshahi Newbie

      I want to access to the JBPM spring context inside a JPDL. My main target is to provide some java web service proxies which let me to call the web services inside the jbpm but on the same time I need to have a registery of web service providers (containg the name of them as well of the endpoint URL of each of them) because I don't want change and reload the process definitions (JPDLs) each time that the location of web services are changed.

      So I need to provide some java code calling (by means of java tag in jpdl) that let me to access the spring context which contains a registery of web services (like UDDI)

      Inside the JPDL I want to specify only a key or ID of my target Web Service. the java code will use it to find the web service and call it.


      I use JBPM 4.3, Spring 2.5.6 , AXIS on a tomcat server.