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    How to package a persistent archive for use in JBoss and Tomcat standalone

    Gonne Martens Novice

      Hi all,


      I am trying to build a persistent archive (Hibernate 3.5 as JPA provider) containing entities that should be usable in different applications.


      My first use case is a web application running in a standalone Tomcat 5.5 environment. The JNDI reference to the datasource in the persistence.xml for that environment must be relative to the JNDI ENC, e.g.:




      My other use case is an enterprise application for JBoss 6. The JNDI reference to the database in my JBoss deployment is e.g. java:/MyDatabase

      If I use the persistent archive with the same persistence.xml as in my first use case the datasource can not be found.


      How can I override the reference to the datasource without changing the persistent archive?

      Or is it possible to create a link in JNDI?


      I tried to remove the persistence.xml from the persistent archive (located in ear/lib) and created a new persistence.xml in my ear referencing the persistent archive by using the jar-file element and the datasource java:/MyDatabase. That works in JBoss 6, but I do not know how to deploy that in Tomcat 5.5. The corresponding method by usign the jar-file element does only work in Tomcat by using an absolute path for the persistent archive what I do not prefer.


      Can anyone help?