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Profiling EJB3 empty result

eric Hechinger Newbie

Dear All
I have installed the JBoss profiler 2 Beta5 with JBoss AS 5.1. I read carefully the JBoss-Profiler2-UserGuid.pdf for the installation and configuration (Section 3.1 & 4).
When I start the profiler using command line 5.2.1, and generate a report, I see that my app (ear) was profiled except the EJB Session Bean and the WebService façade! (They appear in the list but like they would never be called) . (trust me they are called during the profiling process).
I tried to found some solution (googling, this forum) but… nothing… I should have made some big mistake (misconfiguration, …), but do not see.

Any help would be appreciated , Thanks.

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    Jesper Pedersen Master

    Try and output the class name of the object called -- this.getClass().getName(). It may be a proxy object which you havn't included in your list.


    Otherwise check out the source of the profiler and add some additional debug to it:


    svn co http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/jbossprofiler/branches/JBossProfiler2