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    stopping a configuration of JBoss

    J J Newbie


      I have different configurations started in JBoss 5.1.0.GA using the -c option. E.g.:

      <JBOSS_HOME>/bin/ ./run.sh -c <myconfig1>

      <JBOSS_HOME>/bin/ ./run.sh -c <myconfig2>


      Going by the help, I see one way to shutdown one configuration is:

      <JBOSS_HOME>/bin/ ./shutdown.sh -u user -p password -s jnp://url:port


      My questions were:

      1) Is there another way (than above) to stop ONE out of the multipleconfigs using the shutdown.sh script (Ctrl+c, quit are not allowed)?

      2) As such, we have custom code to execute start /stop of servers, and we have the configuration name handy. I was wondering if a shutdown could be invoked using a configuration name only (akin to a start command)?

      3) I could not understand if '-n' should be used to accomplish this?

      4) I had defined a username/pass for the application-policy: jmx-console. This was intended to secure the jmx-console. But it seems the shutdown script also uses this policy (it does not let me shut the server without providing the username and passoword), can this be avoided but yet maintain the jmx-console security?


      Sorry about the multiple questions, but hope for feedback on any/all of the above. Thanks.

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          Peter Johnson Master

          1) If each is running in its own terminal you can CTRL-C to shut each one down. A kill quit should also work. No matter how you shut it down (ctrl-c, kill quit, shutdown) the same shutdown routines are run.


          2) No. Shutdown works by accessing the jmx server via jndi, which means that shutdown needs the host name and jndi port number. There is nothing in the shutdown code that will search the configuration information looking for that information.


          3) The -n option is necessary only if you change the name of the serverimpl mbean.


          4) Both the jmx console and shutdown use the same entry ino the app server - if you secure the jmx console then you will also have to supply the credentials when using shutdown.

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            J J Newbie

            Thanks Peter.

            Using individual terminals, Ctrl+C/quit is not an option for me. So, it does look like there is only one way to do this, that is use the shutdown command noted above.