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ImageSelectTool component

Bernard Labno Master

I've created new component that can be used to crop images online.


Currently it is made with RF-3.3.3.Final. I'will migrate it to RF4 after positive feedback from community.



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Demo, download and subversion address are here.


Make sure to use default script and style loading strategies.

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    Ilya Shaikovsky Master

    Hi Bernard!!


    Sorry for that delay. I'm really interested in look through the component and ideally as a result put it into the 4.x but unfortunatelly can't access neither the svn you mentioned nor the sample. Could you please add more details on how to check it?



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    Bernard Labno Master

    My domain master was temporarily down. It is already up.

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    Jay Balunas Master

    Hey, that is really cool, and I'd love to take a closer look as well.


    What are you using in the backend for this?  JavaScript lib, server side, etc...


    I curious what the dependencies would be for this.

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    Bernard Labno Master

    Client side uses jQuery plugin called jCrop.

    Server side is just a component based on RF3.3.3.Final.

    The component itself does not crop. It just returns selection coordinates (as java.awt.Rectangle, maybe it should return something different, but it is easy to change).

    So good news: this component does not have any heavy dependencies.

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    Ilya Shaikovsky Master

    The problem with usage for attribute for connection the cropper to the image could be seen if click to reRender the image. And b.t.w. could it be pointed to a few images at time? If this not supported and not planned to be like that - probably could just implement as "a4j:support" to be inserted as a image child in order not to have such problems.


    In general - cool one! I believe should be ported to 4.x!