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    Portlet Development is Effectively Unusable in JBoss Tools

    Robert Brown III Newbie


         I am attempting to use JBoss Tools to develop portlets, and its so- called "support" for portlets does not work.


         I have read the documentation and have downloaded the tools that are supposed to support portlet development. According to the documentation, in order to begin portlet development we are supposed to create a "Dynamic Web Project" and setup the project to work within a JBoss runtime.


         Instead of using the default configuration for the server, we are supposed to click "Modify" and, in the Facet window we are supposed to select the checkbox for Portlet support.


         Trouble is: there is no "Portlet support" checkbox!


         Without portlet support, any attempt to create portlets to run within a Portal server creates failures. In fact, some of the failures have been known to crash Helios.


         Note that thie problem of missing Portlet support facets is not new to the latest Tools. This problem also exists in versions designed for Eclipse 3.5 installations as well.


         Until this problem is fixed, your tools are completely unusable for portlet development. Note that for this reason, I will likely be using OpenPortal tools for my portlet development until someone fixes thios problem.


         Are there any plans to fix this problem?