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    JBossESB example using Saxon (XSLT 2.0)


      Hi Folks,

                   I have currently an esb based project that implements transformation logic using xalan (xslt 1.0) processor. But I am now planning to upgrade the transformation logic to XSLT 2.0, using saxon, as there is no xalan engine that complies to xslt 2.0 specs.


      So i'm kind of looking for some example classes that implements tranformation logic using saxon api, which i would then convert to esb project. Any pointers in this direction?


      And how much effort approx. there would be to change the implementation from xalan to saxon? My assumption is that there would be just change in the java implementation (transformation) classes (xalan to saxon) whereas in the jboss esb script perhaps nothing. Currently, this is how i am accessing the transformation logic in the esb service.




      <action name="Transform" class="com.project.name.backend.transformer.Transformator">
           <property name="service-template-pool-name" value="Service"/>
           <property name="xsl-resources" value="/META-INF/xsl/script.xsl"/>
           <property name="template" value="/META-INF/xsl/script.xsl"/>